Mobius Training & Certification

Mobius Training & certification

Mobius Institute provides reliability improvement, condition monitoring and precision maintenance training to industrial plants and individuals throughout the world.

MOBIUS INSTITUTE is a worldwide provider of Reliability Improvement, Condition Monitoring and Precision Maintenance education to industrial plant managers, reliable engineers and condition monitoring technicians, allowing plants to be successful in implementing Reliability Improvement programs through delivery of more easily understandable and comprehensive training of Reliability and Vibration Analysis via public, in-plant and online education programs. Mobius’ key advantage is its extensive experience and success in teaching reliability management and technical skills development topics since 1999.

Mobius Institute Board of Certification is ISO/IEC 17024 and ISO 18436-1 accredited and provides globally recognized certification to Category I-IV vibration analysts in accordance with ISO 18436-1 and 18436-2 and certification for Asset Reliability Practitioners. Mobius Institute has offices in Australia, Europe, India, Mexico and the United States, and authorized training centers in more than 60 countries.

Why are Mobius Institute students more successful?
Mobius students have a deeper understanding.

A key element of Mobius Institute's great success is the application of our Crystal Clear™ training technology that allows complex concepts to be more easily understood. Proven and refined since 2005, Crystal Clear training provides students with a higher level of understanding of vibration analysis and reliability topics through its superior delivery, extensive use of hundreds of highly visual 3D animations, Adobe® Flash® technology simulations, and numerous software simulators to captivate the student's mind. Crystal Clear assures that students don't simply depend on memorizing vibration theory, but clearly understand it.

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