Thermal Imaging

  • The SATIR D600 is a new performance thermography camera that has been developed from the D300 Mid-Level Model. The D600 shares many of the same features as the D300 but has a higher performing infrared detector of 640x480. The 640x480 IR detector generates 307,200 powerful pixels which will deliver excellent imaging and video recordings to the end-user.
  • The D600 has three imaging modes, digital, IR and Duo Vision Plus. Duo Vision Plus is SATIR’s newest imaging mode which incorporates a digital and infrared/thermal image, giving the end-user more detail on thermal images.
  • The D600 comes with a touch screen that will auto focus to ensure the user has a clearly focused thermal image. This means when generating a report, the image is already focused which enables accurate evaluation and analysis. It also has a motorized lens which allows the user to focus the camera manually by using the keypad.
  • The D600 has a long battery life of 5 hours plus meaning it can be used for a long day of surveying without being charged.
  • The D600 also has a laser ranger finder that acts as a laser pointer and can help tell the end-users the distance of the target

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