Demo Kit V 3.0

Demo Kits

The third version of the demo kit comes with a three-phase motor along with a digital power meter(optional). It is our most famous demo-kit and it was on display at TECHNO2019. It was a massive attraction and one which inspired our audience members to take an interest in what we have to offer. We actively use this product to train our engineers on a consistent basis so that they have the highest possible skill level when they go out to perform a job for a customer. It grants us the ability to measure vibration using our range of vibration measurement instruments. (ACOEM OneProd and VMI). This product will be used in the future while providing training programs/presentations at universities and organizations. You can see or get your hands on this product by visiting our Ekala branch. It is a great tool to study the alignment of shafts or three plane balancing.

If you wish to purchase this, please do not hesitate to contact us on 076 690 6700 or e-mail us on

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