We are proud to represent following brands in Sri Lanka

Leader in Vibration and Acoustics Analysis equipments

01db a brand of ACOEM offers comprehensive products and services comprising smart monitoring, diagnosis and solutions, drawing upon its unique expertise in the field of vibrations and acoustics

SkyTek is proud to be the first and only company in Sri Lanka who has the latest 01db Falcon vibration analysis equipment for its engineering services

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Easy-laser pioneers in laser measurement alignment tools & equipment systems

Product range

Easy-Laser® products offer precision alignment and measurement systems. Applications for shaft alignment and sheave/pulley alignment to geometrical measurements of virtually every kind.

All systems are easy to learn thanks to the intuitive operation and intelligent design.

Shaft Alignment Belt Alignment Geometric Measurement
Shims Combined Systems
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SkyTek is proud to represent Easylube® products in Sri Lanka.

Reduce Maintenance Cost by Easylube Patrol Management System (PMS)

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Easylube RFID Easylube Elite Easylube Classic Easylube Patrol Management Software

COX is the first company who is capable of mass production of thermal imaging cameras in S. Korea. Furthermore, the free PC software provides several functions such as temperature alarm setting, isotherm, and extracting videos or images from the device. The operation is also easy, no operator training is required.

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