TECHNO2019! The National Engineering and Technology exhibition and the annual flagship exhibition of The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL), the leading professional body representing engineers of the nation that plays a major role in uplifting engineering and technology excellence in Sri Lanka. It was wonderful to impart wisdom to such young, aspiring individuals.

As pioneers of engineering, we believe it is our duty and responsibility to teach them about the ways of Mechanical and Technical Engineering, because it is a subject that is not known by most of the general public.

As representatives of brands from Ireland, Sweden, America and France, we want to educate the people about the latest technologies about what it takes to be the Number One Proactive Engineering and Technology Solution Provider in the island.

One of our main attractions at TECHNO 2019! Our very own demo kit for conducting live vibration analysis and laser alignment! We are proud to say that one of our talented engineers designed this device! Several more updates will be done to this device in preparation for TECHNO 2020!

Another main attraction at our TECHNO stall was our thermal imaging demonstration which we conducted with the SATIR D300, it turned heads and fascinated the visitors! We are very proud to represent this brand in Sri Lanka and we look forward to conquering the thermal imaging market with this amazing device.

Furthermore, we would like to say a very big thank you to Mr.Manjul who flew all the way from India to support us. His expertise on OneProd products was very engaging to our audience and we are grateful for having a subject specialist like him to share knowledge with our aspiring audience members.

With all that being said, it is safe to say that the future is looking very bright for SkyTek. We have big plans for TECHNO2020. Maybe a live thermal imaging demonstration? Maybe a couple more demo-kits? Come see us at Techno2020 to find out! We are waiting to see you!