Stern Tube Alignment of Ship at Dockyard General Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd

Undertaking one of our most interesting/challenging jobs of the year at Dockyard General Engineering Services. We performed a Stern Tube Alignment using our classic E710 by Easy Laser on 28th December 2019. As you can see, the E710 has been designed to undertake alignments in the most challenging situations.

It allow us to effortlessly perform demanding services for our customers along with the very best quality of service. It is safe to say that our proficiency is what gives our customers the confidence to choose us to do such demanding jobs.

As the measurement is performed in the centre of the bearing, the instruments are suitable for both small and large shaft diameters. The measurement method is based on a laser transmitter being mounted on the axial surface at one end of the stern tube and the detector unit being placed in the bearing journal. Measurement values are recorded for each bearing journal, the measurement program calculates and then displays the position in the vertical and horizontal directions