Introductory Seminar on Vibration Analyst and Asset Reliability Practitioner

What an incredibly successful event it was! We are so happy to announce that the Introductory Seminar on ISO - 18436 II Vibration Analyst and Asset Reliability Practitioner was a massive success!

It was a fantastic night where employees of Sri Lanka's finest companies came under one roof to learn and educate themselves about Vibration Analysis and Asset Reliability Practitioner. We are extremely grateful and a massive thank you to Mr. Kotya Naik who flew all the way from India with an immense effort to increase awareness and promote Mobius in Sri Lanka. Despite his packed schedule, he still found the time and energy to deliver an exceptional presentation for our enthusiastic audience members! Special thanks to Mr. Dilshan DeSilva who also took the time and effort to educate us about the importance of ISO Certification.

We are grateful to everyone who participated in this prestigious event! We hope you will collaborate with Mobius in the future to better yourselves and your asset reliability so that we can contribute towards a sustainable Sri Lanka!

Join us now! Let’s all grow as individuals with the knowledge we can gain from Mobius!