Basics of Lubrication

The single most important thing a machine operator can do for his machines IS providing proper lubrication. Proper lubrication ensures consistent productivity and greatly reduces machine breakdown.

This article will go in detail about the basics of vibration. We will discuss how a lubricant works to remove friction, the physical and chemical properties of the lubricant, and the many functions of a lubricant.

When used properly, proper lubrication minimizes the amount of wear that occurs during operations. It can reduce the friction levels along with operating temperatures, it can also greatly reduce corrosion levels and aid in keeping contaminants out of the system.

In addition to allowing the machine to run efficiently at extreme temperatures, one of the greatest benefits of lubrication is that it helps machinery to be protected under extreme pressure.

To understand what lubrication is, you first need to understand why we use it. Friction is the force that resists relative motion between two bodies in contact. If friction didn’t exist, nothing would ever stop moving. We need friction to function, but there are instances where you want to be able to reduce the amount of friction present.

When you rub your hands together, you create heat because of the friction between the sliding surfaces of your hands. Now imagine rubbing your hands together 3600 times a minute – your hands would be on fire! Similar heat is generated by friction in your machinery. If the lubricant in your equipment has not been appropriately selected with standard operating temperatures, load, speed, etc., in mind, catastrophic failure may result.

You could wipe your bearings or if you stop your motor, for example, and the machine is too hot, you could seize the bearings. Either way, both are costly when you consider time lost, manpower used, and new equipment purchased.

In order to avoid failures of this nature, we lubricate our machinery to minimize the resistance to movement, and as a result, minimize the amount of heat produced. The heat that is produced by the equipment is transferred to the oil so that it may be removed by a lube oil cooler.

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