about us

We are committed to giving you
the best service in Sri Lanka.

We cater to your needs through personalized service and we always make sure that you are satisfied every single time.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will keep in touch with you so that we can maintain the standard of our service. Our talented engineers will get to the root cause of the issue and resolve it in the shortest time possible. Once you choose to work with SkyTek, you will never want to change your engineering and technology service provider!

Our History

The company was formed with the intention of establishing long term interest of providing engineering and technology solutions which remains as one of the key factors for the development of process and manufacturing industries.

We initially started on December 2013 with only a home office and 6 professionals, during this time, we had affiliations with easy laser but overtime, we were able to build links with easy lube as well. Ever since 2018, Mr.George Yatanwala and Mr. Saman Wijerathna took over the organization and there has been a major restructure in the organization. Since this restructure, our company has developed substantial staff growth along with new partners such as SATIR, CTC Online. We are very happy to announce that SkyTek is now going through the diversification process.

Our mission

To assist commercial and industrial facilities through proactive engineering and technology solutions”. We want to be known island wide for providing the very best technical solutions and we aspire to become the top mechanical and technical company in Sri Lanka.

Our Vision

To become the #1 engineering and technology solution provider in South Asia.


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